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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 15, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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looking at some severe damage this morning. very unusual crash. >> yes, it is. >> fire there. we're out there to see what happened. we'll check in with him in a moment. it is thursday. >> will it be as hot today as yesterday? >> no, it will not. no real sea breeze yet. it's raring to go cooler by the coast. still warm, maybe hot a breeze out of the west. fog is not there yet. i think that the coast begins to get in on this and five degrees cooler for some. 63 still in the city. santa rosa 49. some 60s around. there's a difference in the lows offshore, southeast towards san
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jose. there's no wind yet there. the system is inching closer. again, it will probably be just the coast today and for everyone by this afternoon and tonight. sunny, warm weather. the breeze kicks in later. still 90s though. >> good morning. we are looking at commute that is not that bad out there. we have looked at the bay bridge toll plaza and the commute looks good heading up to the toll plaza and on bridge itself with no major problems. westbound 92 traffic, 11 minutes drive time. the bay bridge was an 8-minute drive time. we don't have a lot going on here, from newark. we talked about 80 to the maze,
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16 minutes. let's go back to the test. new this morning, terrifying moments in san francisco just hours ago for a woman who works at a funeral home. a big rig crashed into the building and burst into flames. it happened around 12:30 this morning. outside of the funeral home you can see the incredible damage. i'm looking over your shoulder. and see what that employee is saying about her close call. >> the woman who happens to live inside this funeral home it just is in incredible to think that no one was seriously hurt. is this what is left of the cab of the big rig. the driver lost control, veered offer of the roadway and hit the funeral home. it doesn't do a lot of
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structural damage to the building its but it led to a large fire. these pictures taken by a witness. it happened 12:30 this morning. the driver and the passenger inside that big rig managed to escape. the driver was treated and released. the passenger was taken to the hospital to be treated. the manager of the funeral home lives upstairs in the second floor of the business. she looked outside and saw this burning big rig and was worried about who was inside >> that was my concern. i thought, they're in there. there's nothing i could do. >> this was a refrigerated trailer that was carrying food and making deliveries when the
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accident happened. a police sergeant says it's unclear at this point why the driver lost control. it doesn't seem as though any other cars were involved and doesn't sound like the driver had a medical emergency. police will interview the driver to see what happened. the big rig is still sitting next to the funeral home and they began the process of trying to tow the truck out of here and they're waiting to drain the fuel out. we'll continue to monitor the situation throughout the morning. live this morning in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news law enforcement officers and protesters are taking steps to disfuse the potential for a violent protest after the
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decision in the andy lopez case they're looking into whether to press charges against a police officer that killed a boy last year. 35 volunteers have been trained and they're learning strategies to reduce violence. a suspicious call to a south bay teenager uncovers a troubling phone scam. a student got a suspicious phone call from someone claiming to be with the cal grant program. they asked her to wire money or she could lose her grant >> it upsets me. these students are happy to have the opportunity to go to school and to have someone feed on them
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makes me upset. victims of sexual assaults are discouraged from reporting them san francisco police say a pedestrian was critically injured in a sunset district. it happened last night at the intersection of the great highway. a driver hit a man who was crossing a busy intersection. that man was rushed to san francisco general hospital who
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is now fighting for his life. the driver stopped after the accident and is cooperating with police. the time now, 5:06. from san diego county jerry brown declared a state of emergency. several large brush fires are burning this morning you're looking at a live picture right now of the situation. a handful of homes have gone up in flames thousands have been told to evacuate. 9 fires have burned more than 9000-acres and this map you're looking at shows the location of the fires they include the marine force bay and the seaside resort of
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carls bend. flames forced evacuation of the military housing and no word yet on how the fire started so many fires are burning so close together, there are suspicions. >> it could be by chance but i'll leave it up to investigators, i think there's too much of a coincidence. >> the cities combined a made more than 40,000 evacuation orders in those areas many were allowed to go back to their homes last night. some crews from northern california are now headed to san diego. they're going through a week of training to prepare for the wildfire season. they worry it would be one of the worst fire seasons in recent history. >> it's going to be a hot and dry summer they're feeling the heat now so when they're on the incident, they're prepared for it.
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>> it was the final training for the unit when they reach peek staffing there are 23 extra firefighters in this group with 300 additional firefighters hired statewide because of the drought. happening today, a major earthquake drill here in the bay area. they're helping to lead an emergency preparedness operation in case of a disaster. this is being called a realistic simulation. >> reporter: that is right. we have a 62% chance of having a magnitude 6 earthquake or greater. they do this on a routine basis. this is one of the tents where you can come inside here and as we step in, there's actually
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some things up. you can see they have basically told us how they're going to be staging this in case there's a real emergency, there's food and shelter and have a lot of different scenarios they're running through today. a gas line rupture and then they have to respond. they're going to be handling emergencies like downed pyrrolines throughout the city they practice this on a routine basis and has a staff of engineers and seismologists. we all remember the 1989 earthquake. to be prepared in case another big one hits, they're setting up the base camp to stage vehicles and employees and utility workers for damage assessment and practicing 9-1-1 response
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for simulated gas and electric hazards we're going to have a spokesperson going through the day and break down what is going to be happening and some tips on what you can do to prepare for the next major earthquake. ktvu channel 2 news the golden state warriors are finalizing a deal with the head coach. the coach was fired after the first round of the playoffs this is his first head coaching job. he was believed to be the front runner to be the new york nicks new coach but the decision came down to personal reasons he has a daughter who plays volleyball at cal and a son in san diego a child attack ed by a
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stranger in a wal-mart. how the father reacted. these charges are particularly disturbing. >> a police officer arrested for child pornography. the work he was known for and praised for before these accusations came to light. good morning. it's still a nice-looking drive around the bay area as we look at highway 24 westbound. we will tell you about the commute and other drives around the bay. skies are clear. no howling sea breeze yet. 40s, 50s and 60s.
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. welcome back, we have a follow-up to a story we had for morning on 2. a teenager is recovering after being shot. police are still looking for the shooter but investigators believe the shooter and the victim knows each other and the schools were briefly locked down. a parking control officer has filed a civil lawsuit against a police officer. she is accusing the officer of spitting on her and nearly running her over at a giant's
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game. the officer humiliated her in front of hundreds of people. she has hired a lawyer and she seeks unspecified damages against the police officer. kevin was arrested at a child pornography sweep after sexual images were found on his computer. he spoke to ktvu channel 2 morning news in february after his suspects attracted praise for the images he had. >> detectives would always like to know can we obtain the -- how can we obtain this information. >> a date has not been set for his first court appearance.
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now to a story we have been following all week. casey has been located in the state of washington. now earlier this week, a los angeles judge expressed concerns about his whereabouts and his children said they did not know where he was. the judge appointed one much his children as his conserveer. they are working to print him home. a gray tabby cat is being called a hero after saving a four-year-old boy from a vicious dog attack. you can see the little boy playing outside of his home. this dog attacked him, pam. luckily the cat runs out, goes into action, chases the dog away and goes back and checks on the little boy.
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his mom was outside and the little boy's mom said her son needed some stitches but otherwise he is doing fine thanks to that cat. >> i remember her hitting the dog but seeing the video and seeing exactly what she did and chasing that dog away and seeing her turn to check on jeremy and then returning to him, she is my hero. >> i love that cat. the dog that attacked the little boy is in the control of animal control and the cat earned herself salmon for life and anything else. >> that is incredible for a cat to do that. >> there you go. 5:18 is the time. people have been talking about that video. so has everybody else.
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that video made me feel good >> >> this is a look at some of the traffic times we are going to see first on 880 and 80 and they are not all that bad as traffic continues to move nicely as you move through there, otherwise no major problems. i have the wrong graphic up here. this is a look at interstate 880 and 208 and san jose and highway 101 and we are off to a good start. let's go to the bridge now. traffic here is moving along nicely, this is about an 8 minute drive time. we don't have a lot going on and traffic continues to move along well. also we are looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges and traffic is looking good across those spans. no major spans. yesterday the metering lights
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are pulling back. there is not a lot of red out there. this is our opportunity. >> let's go to steve. a record-setting day for many. 88, that be broke the old mark, 1922, fso 91 was a record, oakland was also a record oakland airport at 90 santa cruz hit 190 degrees. the old mark was 1992 and it's also the old 100-degree reading back in 1903 and that also occurred in san maria. temperatures will still be on the warm to mild at the golden gate bridge, no fog yet but the sea breeze is ready to go and it is including outer sunset. it will get there but it is on its way. very mild for some or cool to
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others. 46 half-moon bay and 65 degrees. no west wind yet but it is trying. we will keep an eye on that, calm novato, a little puff at west, still it kicks in half- moon bay and hayward has an easterly breeze. we will start to turn that wind more westerly, 49 ukiah, monterey incredibly warm, capitoa and monterey. today though once that sea breeze kicks in, it drops that temperature really fast. still warm to hot and inland cooling, everybody will start to pick it up, and temperatures drop and boy did they ever drop, we will drop a good 10 to 15 degrees for many. timing is tough and just chatting with michael, if it is calm here, it is calm in most
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of the city and going 82 and again if the sea breeze kicks in, inland still 90s and that west windows show itself cooler as we go into the weekend. this time the company is recalling 1 40,000 of its chevy malibu sedans. drivers could be forced to use more pressure to get the breaks to work correctly. affected drivers will be made known at the end of the month. this is gm's 20th recall this year. they are due to testify about the growing scandal involving veterans who reportedly died waiting for a doctor's appointment. he will not even agent knowledge there is a problem. and it is a breakthrough in the fight against cancer,
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. welcome back, one area school district backing away from plans to help them stay in school. they were due to vote on this matter but abruptly pulled the item off the agenda and they only said the matter needs more
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study. they show concerns, those who have head lice could face bullying. >> and it's creating controversy and the new school would replace them in el cerrito. but they are taking sides and the name was a leading contender. he was born in oakland as was arrested after inn car racing. he took his fight all the way to the u.s. supreme court and won. >> my father's fight for justice was not just for himself and not just for the japanese american people, it was for all americans. >> i would like to propose another outstanding citizens'
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name for consideration for the naming of porter. >> the school will now form a committee to listen to all the name ideas and narrow the choices. they will now name the full board in the coming months. and a medical break through that offers it with certain types of cancer, mayo clinic managed to wipe out a woman's cancer strong enough to inn objecting late 10 million people. she has been cancer free for more than six months. they are now trying to test it against ovarian brain, head and next cancers. an opening that has been 13 years in the making. the september 11th museum will be dedicated in new york city,
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that despite the exhibits at the museum. we are live in san jose where a four-year-old girl was attacked with a crowbar inside wal-mart, i am learning new details about the suspect and what happened in wal-mart. if you are driving on highway 4. skies are clear, there are a few, it is 40s and 50s and 60s and we will have more when we come back.
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starting at $99. . >> well, good morning to you, will you look at this, a live picture we have been looking at, a truck slammed into a home in san francisco and that sparked a big fire there and we just got brand-new information about how this may affect traffic in that area. sal is all over this, he will give you an update on that and it will be in just about 60 seconds from now. it is may 15thth, i am dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us, 5:31 is the time. is it cool? >> no breeze yet has kicked in
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and it's starting to turn westerly. everything is calm here, cool to mild, 40s and 50s and 60s, it will be cooler by the coast and 47 and 46 napa, also half- moon bay, i know the napa airport is there and we have that conversation all the time. 62 and 54 novato. a delta breeze, it is trying. we'll see if it collapses and it will still be warmer but fso is calm and as that kicks in we will not have much to go. you can see the system will definitely start to show itself so it is always timing tricky on the coast and that breeze kicks in and not before we still get some 90s and it is closer to the coast, here is
5:33 am
sal. just to get you into san francisco, again another day of traffic arriving a little bitterly and yesterday the metering lights were turned on but they usually go on at 6:00 but they were turned on at 545 and they were adjusting to those really bad commutes we have had coming into san francisco. now then, this is a live look outside the funeral home. hazmat crews are heading with 50 million gallons of diesel in the westbound area of market street and they are waiting until the crews are finished working. they are expected to be working at 6:00 and now as we look at market street, if you drive -- this is a little area of market street and if you are driving,
5:34 am
a lot of people done use market street and remember eastbound will be reopened and west pipe i would use a ditch route in this area if i were you. now at 5:33 let's go back to the desk. in the last 15 minutes, we have a burglary rig in a san francisco funeral home. 5:33 the flames damaged the outside of the building but it did cause a lot of the problems inside. >> we had fuel blowing down market street and it was burning and it extended to the trailer of the vehicle at the same time. >> firefighters are luking into what caused it to control. he will be back and bring you
5:35 am
another live report on this in the next hour. a four-year-old girl is recovering after an attack at a wal-mart store. she was hit in the head with a crowbar. here is more on what she learned about this very disturbing case. janine? >> reporter: this happened on story road and the attack was all captured on security cameras and that footage was given to the san jose police department and a woman told me her thoughts and prayers are with the little girl and her family. 18-year-old maria approached a father and his daughter riding in a shopping cart. she took a crowbar and struck the girl in the head. the father tried to stop the woman and was hit too. security came over and she laid
5:36 am
down with hands behind her back. police came and arrested her with is a salt with a deadly weapon. she had been living in the jungle, a large homeless encampment. it is unknown about her motives but she was upset the child did not die. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> let's go, let's go. >> it is just heartbreaking to watch. they are evacuating no time to take belongings as they are ordered to evacuate. several large brush fires are continuing to rage out of control this morning. firefighters are not expecting any relief today. the forecast calls for more
5:37 am
scorching temperatures mixed with santa anna winds. there are a number of fires across san diego county and parts of camp penalty on it and the -- pendleton and the beach city of carlsbad. >> i have covered and lived through many fires during my time there and many people are questioning how it started and the soul focus is getting these under control and they are called the poinsettia fire. so far it burned two businesses as well as an apartment complex and evacuation notices went out to 23,000 homes and businesses and as you saw earlier, people only had three minutes to leave and not enough time to take any belongings. >> it seems we are going to be
5:38 am
i have a so we just packed everything and we are out of there. >> it has burned 400 acres while many were allowed back to their homes, we are waiting to hear if they plan to reopen. east of carlsbad is the area that has destroyed 400 acres and homes and some people have been told to evacuate. cal tate will remain closed through tomorrow and this weekend graduation ceremony has been canceled. there are also other resources sent there -- resources sent there and we will keep you updated throughout the morning. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. allan park will be closed because of extreme fire danger.
5:39 am
while temperatures are expected to be cooler, we have 11 percent humidity and unfortunately that is ideal conditions, it is posted by a poem less end calm. and it is known as the jungle. they were able to keep a fire that broke out yesterday afternoon from spreading to homes. they say the fire danger is very high because of the heat and the very dry brush in that area. >> it is all fuel and of course you have the triangle so you are looking at the fuel and i was just looking for a source,
5:40 am
tooking at one of the reasons to go. two mountain lions were spotted in brentwood. they were spotted just after 8:00. somebody said they spotted mountain lions and they were spotted but none were found. if you see one please call 911. we have a major oil spill in griffin park. firefighters say 10,000 gallons of crude oil spilled over a half mile area at mill night. a transmission shot 20 feet into the air. in just about an hour, president barack obama will
5:41 am
attend the sight of the -- site of the world trade center in new york. it is a memorial for the nearly 2000 people killed in the attacks along with first survivors. we will have more at the display of the museum. we are getting a look at the time laps reconstruction of the museum and it will be only open it survives and first responders and hayed they were targeted under a stand. >> having that makes me upset. having a google search after a suspicious call shows what could be agreeing problem.
5:42 am
plus oakland's police chief and what he plans to do about it. >> i just got word there are shuttle buses in place due to a crash we have been telling you about since 4:30. >> we have a breeze, still very warm for some, it looks like a little cooler by the coast, we will show you how much. come to aming up. . coming up. i want you to know stuff i don't. i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i went to the zoo.
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. he says there is still a lot of work to do to make oakland a safer city. >> we were down almost 40% in robberies, we were down in none fatal shootings for the year so we are making progress and obviously that is good but we have quite a ways to go. >> they have quite a number of strong candidates across across the country. a small section of downtown will be honoring officers killed in the line of duty. they will set up trees remembering the three palo alto police officers killed since 1969. they will coincide with national peace officers day and it is also reserve officer
5:46 am
theodore zinger. he was actually shot and killed 1994 it happened a board an amtrak train which which was present racing during a world cup game. they reported more than 3,000 veterans died while a waiting head call care. he is expected to address reports that a va this phoenix and arizona may have tried to cover up the deaths as many as 40 veterans awaiting care. some republicans ahead have called on him to resign. president barack obama has assigned a top adviser to address the allegations. for the first time google will release the report.
5:47 am
all major u.s. employers will have to report it to the federal government and now previously they had resisted calls at a shareholder meeting and reverend jesse jackson will hire more women and minorities. time now 5:46 happening today, they plan to go on strike and scheduled to go at 6:00 this morning. they want to be paid $15 per hour and be held to form a union similar protests are expected to take place in 150 cities around the world today. 5:47 is the time let's have a look at traffic, what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> i want to mention on market street, muni said there are
5:48 am
those running because of that accident we have been on since early this morning and we will tell you more about that as news develops. let's look at the traffic here, it is about an 8 minute delay with no major problems westbound and metering lights are on early again today which might be the new normal and we'll see, we will keep following it. we had an earlier crash, caesar chavez off ramp and it is going well in both directions. southbound at 18, there is an overturned vehicle but traffic is light and has not been causing a big traffic jam and they are working on clearing that right now. there is no breeze really yet, it is mainly calm and we
5:49 am
have 40s and 50s and 60s so noon, sunny, 68 to 84, here is where it gets difficult. windy by the coast and i think a little bit of fog starts to work its way back here. san francisco record high fso, oakland 93 and these are just a few. oakland airport, santa cruz 100 degrees and not only that but it shatters the previous reading in 1903 and that was a record-setting day. our system is getting closer and as it does, it is bumping the way out of the way but the sea breeze once it kicks in, it starts to show. i do expect it to be cooler and also into tomorrow especially in the inland areas.
5:50 am
if it falls down in the next hour that tells us it is still going to be warmer. it is really not starting yet, this system will topple and i am splitting the difference and some fog shows up and it is usually the timing. we will keep an eye on this, mild to warm to hot in the morning and hotter pie this afternoon and the breeze will get there for some coast and bay. maybe some rain up in the sierra novato. $ ♪ many filed for the first time and that's down 20,000 from the week before and
5:51 am
economists expected it to hold steady. sales and profits are down for the 5th quarter in a row and traffic dropped almost 1.5% as wal-mart still posted a quarterly profit. a new story by life lock, they heard about the heart bleed virus. it affected many included pin trust and 29 people have not did and -- have not done it. just changing the password to protect against the virus was overwhelming. you know the warriors have a new head coach? >> yeah.
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is the death toll for the mine on tuesday and there are still 150 still trapped under ground. they are making rescue effort difficult and rescue effort are blaming turkey as they start. they have hit another snag and they have been damaged forcing what could be another lengthy delay. they are just two hours into the mission and in the trans ponder, it will take more days to fix the problem. san leandro dealing with a rash of car break-ins and they jumped since march. they caught a burglar rum manning -- rummaging and when they saw him steel his bag that
5:56 am
had all of his term papers inside he was very upset. >> my whole life is in that backpack, so i am look no. >> he chased him and gave a detail description and he saw hip casing other cars. he did get his backpack and other blondings back. gash belongings back. gas at the ray station is closed after a crash there knocked and it is expected to be there for days. and now we are hearing it is almost out of gas. the other nearby station is in bodega bay more than 30 miles
5:57 am
away. they are also asking aaa to be prepared with some some expert but what happened next caused an even bigger problem, we have more live coverage coming up. what pg&e is doing this morning to prepare for the next disasterrous earthquake. traffic is moving a long relatively well find out what is going wrong and this are hints of the sea breeze and we will show you the coastal temperatures coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. a fiery crash at a san francisco funeral home slams into the building, we will tell you what happened to the two people inside of that truck. when will the next major earthquake hit, we will tell you what the chances are and
6:00 am
how john wayne gacy, jr. is pay pg&e. is paying for it. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are on a very unusual story, a struck crashed into a funeral home and sparked a huge fire and you can see the extensive damage and it is also affecting traffic and muni service and it is a very busy part of san francisco. alex savage has been on the scene coming up in two minutes he will show us more of the damage that was left behind. thank you for joining us, steve, can you take that heat down a nachos? >> i am working tonight, i've got the


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